raeburn keslake

who are we?

Established in 1983 as an Organisation Development agency, Raeburn Keslake has become one of the most successful change consultancies in the world.

Typically, our clients call us when they need help with one or more of the following concerns:

Organisation Change

  • When the organisation is failing to realise its true potential
  • When the executive team recognises the need to establish some values or guiding principles throughout the business
  • When the business needs to generate a new range of behaviours to meet future challenges

Tough Minded Team Development

  • When the senior team is confused about its role as a strategic leadership group
  • When members of the senior team are not working well together
  • When new teams need to hit the ground running

Executive Excellence

  • When poor interpersonal skills are affecting executive performance
  • When executives need to be more effective as leaders or more influential with their clients.